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The SpongeBob hashing algorithm is a ... hashing algorithm ... custom one ... it uses sponge construction ... it is called SpongeBob ... and the source-code is in the file!

If you are able to find a hash collision for the string: 'The hash-slinging slasher' you'll win. Validate your message (in ASCII HEX format) using the web interface at:

If your message's hash matches the one of the 'The hash-slinging slasher' you'll get the flag. You can try as many times as you want. The web server also implents an advanced AI BOT that will provide feedback during your struggles to keep you entertained and motivated!

*The server uses the same crypto parameters as those in the source-code file provided.

Good Luck, Have Fun! ;) 1.5 KB

Format flagi: ecsc21{litery_cyfry_i_znaki_specjalne}.
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