Heroes of Might and PWN

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I love to play HoMM3 on different maps created by the community. However, yesterday my computer was hacked, right after loading a map received from a colleague. He is rather a 101 wannabe hacker, so I don't think that he invented the exploit himself. After small inspection, I've found out what the vulnerability is and got it patched. Let's see if you can still hack me.

On the webpage, you may find HoMM3 Demo installer. The patched executable is named h3demo.exe, while the original one is named h3demo_unpatched.exe.
The server is running patched binary h3demo.exe (fde035e8d4dc6d94d6566b3f9fa0766900e8bfaf4761aff8a522fc65f7271c02).


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